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corporate solutions

businesses today need data connectivity at all times. at 9mobile we recognise this and deliver high-speed internet access. it doesn’t matter how big or small your enterprise is, we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution.

corporate connect (voice and internet)

corporate connect (voice and internet)

the corporate connect service is for businesses that need dedicated fixed-line services, for voice and Internet, via dedicated microwave or fiber-optic trunks.

corporate connect voice

our corporate connect service is for businesses that need dedicated fixed-line services for voice, via dedicated microwave or fiber-optic trunks. it allows a corporate to originate and receive multiple national and international calls on a PRI trunk.

Services provided include:

  • PRI (Primary Rate Interface) or IP (Internet protocol) trunks.
  • direct Inward/outward dialing.
  • special numbering

corporate internet

corporate internet delivers high speed broadband Internet via dedicated microwave or fiber-optic trunks. corporate internet is also a scalable platform to seamlessly integrate data, voice and other enterprise solutions.

services provided include:

  • direct link to 9mobile network makes it extremely reliable
  • provides a comprehensive, world class voice, internet and data network platform to integrate enterprise application
  • cost effective and tailored solution that directly addresses the company’s specific need.
  • twenty four hours service support and proactive monitoring ensures uninterrupted connectivity
private APN & M2M services

private APN & M2M services

the 9mobile Private APN/M2M Solution provides private IP network connectivity via the 2G/3G network, for smart devices that require remote connectivity. businesses can use the private APN connectivity to deploy various types of machine-to-machine solutions.

examples are:

  • ATMs.
  • point of sale (POS) devices.
  • asset tracking devices.
  • security and surveillance devices and other devices requiring data or internet connectivity.
leased line

leased line

9mobile Leased Line provides a means by which data can be transmitted between computer, devices or servers at two or more branch locations via a reliable IP/MPLS network. This allows branches to share resources from a central point or Headquarters. This can be provided via dedicated microwave or fiber-optic trunks.

For more details, please send an email to

add ons

add ons

Our add on solutions allows our customers the flexibility of selecting or customizing their preferred business solutions as an add on to their existing data or voice bundle.

Insurance services (Life policy):

Insure your workforce with 100k life cover and 10k accident cover

  • To opt in – send ‘’cover’’ to 38991 (N100 monthly / N25 weekly).
  • To cancel – send ‘’stop’’ to 38991
  • To make claim – text ‘’claim’’ to 38991

One-off CUG plans:

Unlimited voice calls among colleagues of the same company (fair usage applies to 500 mins)

  • Premium one-off – *304*1# @ N1000
  • Compact one-off – *304*3# @ N500

International bundle:

  • USA, Canada & Western Europe bundle – *6585*1# (50 minutes at N500)
  • Asia Bundle   –  *6585*2# (50 minutes at N500)
  • Query status  – *6585#
  • Opt-out   – *6585*0#

Flex bundles:

  • Flex 20000   –  *344*20000#  (@20000 to grant you N62500 valid for 30 Days)
  • Flex 10000  –  *344*10000# (@10000 to grant you N32500 valid for 30 Days)
  • Flex 4000  – *344*4000# (@4000 to grant you N12500 valid for 30 Days)
  • Flex 2000  –  *344*2000# (@2000 to grant you N5000 valid for 30 Days)
  • Flex 1000  – *344*1000# (@1000 to grant you N3750 valid 14 Days)
  • Flex 500 – *344*500#  (@500 to grant you N1,800 talktime + 100MB valid for 7 Days)
  • Flex 300 –  *344*300# (@300 to grant you N900 talktime + 50MB valid for 7 Days)
  • Product Info  Send ‘EF’ to 200
  • Opt Out  *344*0# to deactivate Flexi Bundle plan but remain on the moreflex package

chatPak monthly:

Enjoy free access to stay connected with your favourite apps

  • Opt in code –  *343*5*7# @ N400 valid for 30 days
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need help? got a question?

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