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corporate mobile add-ons

specially created for corporate customers on the 9mobile network who can now determine the services to be configured on their staff lines based on each staff peculiar communication needs. choose what your staff can use and the allowed limits from services such as CUG Minutes, CUG SMS, National Minutes, National SMS, International SMS & data



exercise full control over the services your staff use on their mobile lines, eliminate stress and worry about excess billing from your staff usage & increase your staff productivity and save cost by providing each staff with the right services

    • enjoy highly discounted tariffs on the bundle plans
    • roll-over unused services for 30 days after expiry
    • opportunity for real-time monitoring of your staff usage when you download the my9mobile app
    • enjoy the option to purchase latest smartphones from RenMoney on a 6 months device financing scheme at single digit interest rate
    • improve team collaboration, leading to increased output, quicker results and returns.
    • ability to be reached by only a specific set of people (VIP caller, white or blacklist)
    • opportunity for real-time monitoring of your airtime usage.
    • reduced call tariff to all networks in Nigeria.
    • reduced call tariff to select international destinations.

for more enquiries, please email or call 700 or 0809 3311 700 from other networks. (standard rates apply for off-net calls).


    subscription details

    subscription details

    simply follow the steps below:

    identify the type of services you want created for your staff (see pricing & tariff section), determine the limit of the services to be created (i.e. low, medium or high) for each staff & contact your account manager if you are an existing corporate customer. click here to book a meeting with our sales team if you are a new customer



    wallet, device financing, credit policy & dedicated account management.



    click the link below for frequently asked questions

    q: who can subscribe to this service

    a: all new and existing corporate customers on the classic hybrid plan

    q: what do i need to subscribe to this service?

    a: all you need is to be on the 9mobile classic hybrid plan for corporate customers. if you are a new customer, you can click here to request for a meeting with 9mobile corporate sales team. existing customers can contact their account managers to request for this service

    q: can i use this bundle plans with my current corporate plan?

    a: yes, the bundle plans can co-exist with your current corporate plans

    q: can I select only one service for my staff under this bundle plan?

    a: yes, you can select only one service if that is all your staff is required to use

    q: will my staff still be able to use from my credit limit when I exhaust my bundle plan?

    a: yes, you can still use from your credit limit whenever you exhaust the services in your bundle plan.

    q: how can my staff request for device financing from RenMoney?

    a: your staff will follow the simple steps below:

    • interested employee will fill a loan application form
    • submit loan form to HR for endorsement to RenMoney
    • RenMoney designated employee picks up from HR designate for loan processing
    • loan application is reviewed in line with RenMoney risk assessment criteria.
    • loan offer is sent via email to qualified employee
    • qualified employee accepts loan offer and scans back for necessary processing
    • loan is disbursed to indicated vendor for the phone brand chosen (we will need list of phone brands per vendor). please note that loan is disbursed transaction date + 1.
    • employer is provided a schedule monthly for due repayment by RenMoney