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subscriber terms & conditions

subscriber terms & conditions

These terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) set out the terms and conditions under which Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited (“EMTS”, “9mobile Nigeria”, “we”, “our”, “us”) shall provide the Services (as hereinafter defined) to you. Please read the following T&Cs very carefully. By accessing or using the Services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these T&Cs as may be updated by us from time to time.

definitions & interpretations

Access Charge                          

means the amount a postpaid Subscriber must pay for access to the Network.


means these T&Cs 

Call Costs

means the cost of any telephone calls or telephone messages made or incurred on the Subscriber’s telephone number. 


include but are not limited to the Access Charge (if applicable), the Call Costs, data usage charges and any other sums payable by the Subscriber in respect of the Services as are advised by 9mobile Nigeria from time to time. 

Effective Date                                   

means the date on which 9mobile Nigeria shall commence provision of the Services to you being the date on which your SIM is activated on the Network 

Force Majeure

means acts of God, acts of government, acts of third parties, proclamations, regulations or appropriations, strikes, picketing, boycott, lockouts or other industrial disturbances, interference by any government agency or official (whether legal or illegal), acts of public enemies, fibre cuts, sabotage, vandalism, blockades, embargoes, wars, revolutions, insurrections or riots, national emergency, epidemics, landslides, fires, storms, floods, explosions, civil commotion, invasion, threat of or preparation for war, fire, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or any other similar cause beyond the control of a Party to this Agreement and which is not reasonably foreseeable at the date of this Agreement but does not apply to payments of monies due or owed.


means the telecommunications network operated by 9mobile Nigeria and used to provide the Services. 

Network Operator                            

means 9mobile Nigeria or such other company engaged by 9mobile Nigeria for the purpose of operating the Network.


means either the Subscriber or 9mobile Nigeria and “Parties” should be construed accordingly. 


means any code, word or number unique to the Subscriber, allocated for the purpose of identifying a Subscriber, including but not limited to any personal identification number. 


means any copyright, extended or revived copyright, design right, registered design right, patent, performer’s right, trade mark, database right or any similar right exercisable in any part of the world, including any application for registration of any patent, trade mark, registered design or similar registerable rights in any part of the world. 


means any telecommunications services, internet services and any other services provided by 9mobile Nigeria to the Subscriber through the SIM. 

Service Provider

means any third party used by 9mobile Nigeria to provide the Services and includes independent third party providers of VAS. 


means Subscriber Identity Module, which is used to access the Services. 

Subscriber, “you”, “your” “yours”                                                

means the user of the Services. 

Supplemental Conditions

means any further conditions or limitations to the use of the Services contained in any other medium including but not limited to any information brochure or other document issued by 9mobile Nigeria. 


means Value Added Service 

  1. provision of services
  1. SIMS and allocation of subscriber telephone number 

3.1          Subject to our being satisfied that you have complied with any required application and registration process, we shall provide you with an available telephone number encoded on a SIM card to enable you access the Services. We reserve the right to charge fees for the issuance of a SIM card or a replacement SIM card.

You must immediately notify our customer care service and report to the police any loss, fraud, dishonest use or theft of your mobile equipment or SIM card. You will be liable for all charges arising from the lost or stolen SIM card and/or the fraudulent use of the Services until we receive a credible request from you for disconnection and/or suspension of the Services. Please note that the replacement of lost or stolen SIM cards will be at an additional cost to you.

Notices to the Subscriber shall be provided periodically through SMS and IVR channels and will be regularly updated on this website ( 

If any term in this Agreement is declared by law, regulation or a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining terms shall be unaffected and, if possible, the provisions of the clause may be modified to render it valid and enforceable, otherwise, the obligations of the Parties will be construed and enforced as if the Agreement did not contain that term. 

By continuing to use our Services, you shall be deemed to be bound by these T&Cs.