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great leverage & mileage for your business. we simplify everything to connect your business.

* drive efficiency and improve productivity.

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stay in control of your business and reducing costs across your operations
the Internet of Things is a network of physical objects – vehicles, machines, home appliances, and more – that use sensors and other technology, such as application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect and exchange data over the Internet On a broader scale, IoT can be applied to things like transportation networks: “smart cities” which can help us reduce waste and improve efficiency for things such as energy use; this helping us understand and improve how we work and live With IoT, you can connect almost any type of remote machine or devices to information systems and collate real-time data that can help you to optimise production and increase productivity. Our IoT solutions provide you witha bird’s eye view, keeping you in control of your business and reducing costs across your operations

this solution is available to small, medium or large businesses to enable them work smarter. with a data enabled device, your employees can have wireless access to voice and data services on a post-paid package.

mobile voice and data solution includes:

  • mobile voice
  • CUG
  • mobile data

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