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9mobile Broadband solutions provide fast, affordable wired and wireless connections, built for today’s technology. it provides a easy and efficient way to connect to the internet, helping you get remote locations and employees online faster. plus, it delivers the reliability you need to handle today’s most demanding data and applications.
how Broadband works
our Business Broadband lets you connect your sites to our networking solutions and the internet using a wide range of broadband solutions, including cable, fiber or copper lines. we’ve got you covered.

secure and reliable network
9mobile Network solutions help you securely connect offices, data centers and business locations to deliver both IP and non-IP traffic across a single connection. you can choose from a number of bandwidth options, for the scalability you need to expand your network rapidly.
how Network Solutions work
every business is different, which is why we offer a complete portfolio of dedicated and switched Ethernet services ranging from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps. We’ll work with you to assess your applications’ sensitivity to packet delivery, latency, availability and time to repair—and recommend the right solution for your needs.

network management end-end
9mobile managed services include fixed solutions that provide uninterrupted and dedicated end-to-end connectivity. this is a dedicated private connection for your business, connecting you locally and internationally ensuring that your business runs seamlessly across borders.
our Leased line/Capacity link is a dedicated communication channel that will interconnect your organization offices on a secured network. it will act as a dedicated and secured tunnel where data or telephony traffic can be transmitted between computer and electronic devices within these locations for a fixed monthly fee or rental. this service is deployed via Microwave or Fiber optic cables and will provide a reliable and dedicated bandwidth with high speed connectivity across multiple locations.

9mobile Dedicated Internet Solution provides high-speed dedicated internet access so you can maintain performance, security and reliability across your sites. Dedicated Internet Services provide enterprise-level connections to complement existing services like security, virtual private networks, VoIP, private networking, cloud, managed services and web hosting.
how Dedicated Internet Services work
ultra-fast, full-duplex connections to help you support high-bandwidth applications, easily share information and enable high-speed transactions. our solution offers burstable and tiered pricing options, with high speed internet access delivered over Microwave or Fibre Last mile depending on your preference and budget

Private IP is an MPLS-based VPN service that provides a simple network designed to grow with your business and help you consolidate your applications into a single network infrastructure. It gives you dedicated, secure connectivity that helps you adapt to changing demands, so you can deliver a better experience for customers, employees and partners.
how Private IP work
Private IP uses Layer 3 networking to connect locations virtually rather than physically. That means you can exchange data among many different sites using Permanent Virtual Connections through a single physical port. Our MPLS-based VPN solution combines the flexibility of IP with the security and reliability of proven network technologies.

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