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*IP & fixed/shared internet connectivity solutions.

what we offer

this service is deployed to provide your organization with dedicated fixed voice service either as E1 PRI or SIP connected directly to the 9mobile network. our dedicated fixed voice service helps organizations like call centers set up telephony infrastructures that allow multiple calls into the trunk concurrently.

corporate closed user group (CUG) services are currently offered as a service on our classic hybrid package. the service which is available on national voice calls & SMS is offered as access free CUG. this service is targeted at multinationals & large corporations whom require this service & subscribe to it as a cost-effective way of communication amongst their employees especially their mobile workforce.


9Mobile offers a comprehensive internet service focusing on its high-quality networks & a wide lineup of products to support business users dedicated internet service & point-to-multi-point technology to manage your online assets & communicate without barriers.

9Mobile has been making significant inroads in business solutions, specifically fixed connectivity for voice, internet & leased capacity service. this brings significant opportunity to reach residential locations, medium corporates, SMEs & SoHo’s with reliable & cost effective fixed triple play services (fixed wireless voice + Internet & TV content) all over the country.

APN means an access point name & it’s the point of entry into an IP network for a mobile device using GPRS, 3G, HSPA+ &  4G technology. (IP stands for internet protocol, which is a set of networking protocols that allows two or more devices to communicate).

an APN can be either private or public. private APNs are also known as ‘corporate APNs’ used by businesses within Nigeria & all over the world. a private APN is an access point on the global system for mobile (GSM) network for a private customer to access his corporate network using the 9mobile GPRS/3G (General packet radio service) network.

a leased line/capacity link is a dedicated communication channel that interconnects two or more sites. It acts as a dedicated tunnel where data or telephony traffic can be transmitted between computer & electronic devices at two or more of the businesses operating areas, sites or branches for a fixed monthly fee or rental. this service is deployed via microwave or fiber optic cables & provide a reliable & dedicated bandwidth with high speed across the connected sites.

more status provides businesses & corporates with a more affordable & effective advertising platform to promote their brand, products & services to callers of their business lines.

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