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mobile number hunting is a sim-based solution that enables customers & organizations to redistribute calls made to a single MSISDN to other lines. This implies that organizations can advertise only one number & have 8 other numbers (MSISDNs) receiving calls made to that initial MSISDN.

the service will provide the functionalities of a multi-line PBX/E1 system for companies/SMEs without the need for investment in any infrastructure & maintenance.

all this will come at a minimized cost from the service provider.

the solution is especially good for

  • call centers.

  • SMEs.

  • large corporations.
the service which is available on national voice calls & SMS is offered as access free CUG. this service also targets SME’s whom require this service & subscribe to it as a cost-effective way of communication amongst their employees especially their mobile workforce.

  • zero access fee CUG offering.

  • special number: this is the ability to choose from a pre-defined set of numbers or your own special range of numbers.

  • roaming service.

  • ease of communication and networking amongst colleagues & business partners.

  • improves team collaboration leading to better output, quicker results & returns.

  • reduced call tariff to all networks in Nigeria & to selected international destinations.


the SME shared data is a shared internet wallet bundle that can be shared as smaller bundles with multiple SIMs & it is available to morebusiness subscribers only.

SME shared data serves individuals with multiple devices, family or small office home office (SOHO), SME solution by allowing a subscriber to subscribe to a specific data size & then allocate data quota among other subscriber SIMs.

share data wallets plans 

* all plans are valid for 30 days

how it works

  • purchase any of the available Wallets/data plans.
  • for SME Share data quota allocation & addition of MSISDN to the group.
  • dial: *917*9*PIN*data quota*MSISDN*3#.
  • to check number list on the owners SME share data group, Dial: *917*9*9#.
  • to delete numbers from owners list of SME share data beneficiary: *917*9*PIN*MSISDN*2#.
  • to opt-out of SME share data service renewal, Dial: *917*9*0#.
  • SME shared data balance check*917*9#.

APN means an access point name & it’s the point of entry into an IP network for a mobile device using GPRS, 3G, HSPA+ & 4G technology. (IP stands for internet protocol, which is a set of networking protocols that allows two or more devices to communicate).

an APN can be either private or public. private APNs are also known as ‘corporate APNs’ used by businesses within Nigeria & all over the world. a private APN is an access point on the global system for mobile (GSM) network for a private customer to access his corporate network using the 9mobile GPRS/3G (general packet radio service) network.

  • allows your employees have secure, remote access to company resources from anywhere in the world.

  • enables remote connectivity for all point of sale (POS) terminals.

  • provides effective machine to machine communications for services such as fleet tracking, home automation, remote access, surveillance systems etc.

  • highly cost effective & flexible pricing model due to aggregated usage of the data bundle.

  • provides network redundancy – private APN can serve as a backup/failover for fixed data connectivity by allowing data traffic over GPRS/3G cloud.

  • It has the ability to integrate into all systems & applications without extra configurations.
9mobile provides your organization with the benefits of an outsourced infrastructure, providing housing & power for servers & IT infrastructure in our secure & managed tier-2 data center within Nigeria. safeguard mission-critical data with the highest levels of security & operational reliability.

  • reduced cost: colocation helps deal with the expenditure involved in building their own server room/data centers.

  • allows you focus on your core business while 9mobile manages the servers & hardware.

  • 9mobile data center provides dual power & cooling with the capacity to provide 99.9% availability to your infrastructure colocated with us.

  • ensures business continuity in the event of a disaster.

  • provides access to expert staff who monitor, operate & maintain your infrastructure in our data center.

  • twenty-four hours service support & proactive monitoring ensures uninterrupted connectivity.
more status provides businesses and corporates with a more affordable and effective advertising platform to promote their brand, products and services to callers of their business lines.

how It Works

enterprise customers can log-into a self-service portal to do any of the following:

  • create promotional messages they want to appear on their callers phones.

  • assign the promotional messages to their E1PRI lines and staff mobile numbers.

  • Set specific time period when the messages will display on their callers phones.

  • set-up different messages to display at random on their caller’s phone screen.
  • allocate specific messages for specific business or staff lines.

  • create messages that only their staff will see whenever they call each other.

  • low cost advertising: you can promote your brand, products & services among your callers at a very low cost.

  • focused delivery:get more value on your advertising spend as your messages are delivered directly to your target audience.

  • information stickiness: your message remains on the caller’s screens even after the call ends.
  • low cost-benefit ratio: your status notification are displayed every time you receive a call at no extra cost.

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