select.connect. lets you connect with your favorite celebrity

get daily voice messages on your mobile phones.

how it works

stay connected with favorite celebrities like lanre olusola, peter okoye (p-square), holy mallam e.t.c.


  • much easier and faster way to connect with your favorite celebrities.

  • get inspirational & fun messages from people you would pay huge sums to see.

  • flexibility of choosing who you subscribe to.

to subscribe

send celebrity’s name or football club name to 2656.

dial *2656*1#


simply following them on the instavoice celeb & sports subscription portal:

service fees

  • ₦25/day for each celebrity.

  • ₦20 to listen the 2nd time & subsequently.

  • ₦20 to send to a friend.

*get a list of available celebrities and football clubs, SMS ‘celeb’ or ‘goal’ to 2656.

stay connected with a celebrity?

stay hooked with your favorite celebrity.

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