micro insurance life cover

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affordable life insurance cover on mobile. this is a suite of low cost life insurance covers for life benefit of up to ₦100,000.

*this covers life insurance & accident insurance 

how it works

funding your mobile money account can be done at registered mobile money agents


subscriber has a life cover of ₦100,000
payable to the beneficiary

a sum of ₦10,000 for medical expenses
from road accident

micropayment option of ₦100 monthly
or ₦25 per week

how to subscribe

FBN insurance: send life to “48433” follow prompt, accept terms & conditions

MANSARD insurance: send cover to “38991” follow prompt, accept terms & conditions

UBA metropolitan: send cover to “54885” & follow prompt, accept terms & conditions

make a claim

FBN insurance: send “claim” to “48433” or contact : sure4life@fbinsurance.com

Mansard insurance: send “claim” to “38991” or contact : care@mansardinsurance.com

UBA metropolitan: send “claim” to “54885” or contact : clientservices@ubametropolitan.com

activate micro insurance

get affordable insurance cover now

go there

available on mobile only*

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