9mobile has a strong commitment to the principles of sustainable development. In delivering on our promise to provide innovative and quality telecommunication products and services to our customers, we will adopt best practice and foster a culture of care and consideration for the environment.

We are committed to:
• Complying with relevant laws and regulations that apply to our operations;
• Continually improving our processes to prevent pollution and protect the environment;
• Demonstrating respect for communities and working in harmony with all our stakeholders.

To deliver on our commitments, we will:
• Establish and continuously improve the organization’s Environmental Management System;
• Develop programs to manage the significant environmental aspects of our operations;
• Ensure that all employees are fully aware of their responsibilities and obligations described in the Environmental Management System;
• Monitor all relevant objectives, targets and programs and provide the required resources for their realization;
• Communicate our Environmental Policy to our Staff, Customers, Contractors and the Public and encourage them to support it;
• Foster open dialogue with host communities so as to understand and address concerns arising from our operations within their communities;
• Periodically review our Environmental Policy for adequacy.

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