Morecliq 3.0 is a prepaid tariff plan that allows you to enjoy FLAT rate of 11.26k/sec(vat inclusive) for all national calls after the first 50 seconds call of the day at 25.6k/sec.

All 9mobile Prepaid customers can migrate to the Morecliq plan.

You will enjoy the following benefits when you are on Morecliq:

  •   Flat rate of 11.26k/sec for all national calls after using 50secs
  • 30MB free reward once daily usage threshold of 50secs has been attained. The free data is valid till 11.59 pm on the same day and can be used for any data-related activity. The free data cannot be shared or transferred and has usage priority over main data
  • Talk and share

Night data Bundles:

  1. 500MB night plan at ₦50
  2. 150MB night plan at ₦20

You can migrate to Morecliq 3.0 by dialing *244*1#, *200# menu or via the 9mobile ig9ite app

Migration into Morecliq 3.0 is free if it is your first migration on the network. However, on subsequent migration will be charged N100.

To enjoy discounted rates on Morecliq 3.0

  • New customers who register and activate their new sim card will land on morecliq 3.0 as their default tariff plan
  • Existing customers should dial *244*1# to migrate
  • After the first 50 secs call of the day at 25.6k/s, you will start enjoying discounted calls at 11.26k/s throughout the day
  • Everyday, you have to meet the 50 secs threshold before you start enjoying the cheapest call rate of 1.266k/s

Your calls will be charged based on the call rate of that tariff plan you migrate to.

No, you will only enjoy the discount on national calls, that is calls within 9mobile network and calls to other local networks in Nigeria

Simply register your new line, activate it by recharging and link it to your NIN and you are eligible to enjoy all the benefits on Morecliq 3.0 prepaid tariff plan

  • As a new customer on Morecliq 3.0, you get the one-off free recharge bonus
  • To enjoy a one-off free recharge bonus, ensure your first recharge on the network is N500 and above to get free1GB and N500 airtime to browse and make calls. The free airtime can only be used on-net

This bonus is a recharge bonus for new subscribers. Once customers first recharge is N500 and above, customer receives free N500 airtime and 1GB data to make calls(on-net), browse and SMS.

The one-off free recharge bonus will be valid for 7 days.

The one-off free recharge bonus is gotten only once. Customer must make the recharge to enjoy the bonus within 90days of SIM activation

Yes, you will still be able to use the one-off free recharge bonus when you migrate to another tariff plan so long as the bonus has not expired.

To receive your Free daily 30MB data bonus on Morecliq 3.0, ensure you reach the daily usage threshold of 50secs of call

You need to make 50 seconds of call to enjoy the daily 30MB free data.

Yes, you can use the data to browse all websites at any time of the day. There are no restrictions on the websites you can access with the data bonus within the validity.

The Free 30MB daily Data bonus is valid till 11.59pm of the same day the data is granted.

No, you will NOT be able to share/transfer the Free 30MB daily Data Bonus to another customer.

The Daily Data bundle will deplete first, this is because bonus takes priority over the main, even if the main data is a daily plan.

Yes, you will be able to use the free 30MB daily Data if the bonus is still within validity.

To check the balance of your Free 30MB daily Data bonus, simply dial *228#.

If you are a new customer on the network, you can purchase special data plan of 1GB + 3hours streaming as many times as you like for just N200. You can enjoy this offer for the first 90 days of joining the network.

To purchase this data bundle, customer dials *282*1#

The special data plan costs N200

If you migrate out of Morecliq 3.0 to another prepaid package, you would not be able to purchase this special data plan. But if you migrate back to MoreCliq within the 90 days, purchase of the plan would be possible.

The special data plan 1GB + 3hrs streaming plan is valid for 2 days from the date of purchase which must be within the first 90 days on the network.

The special data plan can be purchased as many times as possible within the first 90 days on the network.

No, the special data plan purchased cannot be transferred but will have roll over and freeze functionalities.

Yes, you can choose between autorenewal or one-off  at the point of subscription

The night data plan on Morecliq 3.0 is an affordable night data bundle for morecliq subscriber to purchase and use at night from 12am – 5am

There are 2 variants of the night data plan

  • 500MB for N50 customer dials *282*22#
  • 200MB for N20, customer dials *282*22#

All other subscription mediums would be applied using the *200# menu and the 9mobile app

Yes, the night data plan can be purchased as many times as possible

The Morecliq night data plan cannot be rolled over, once it is 5am, the plan expires.

No you cannot transfer the Morecliq night data plan

Auto-renewable or one-off options is not applicable to Morecliq night data plans

Simply dial *228# on your line to check the Morecliq night data plan

Customers on morecliq can enjoy the talk’n’share service where both calling and receiving customers must both be on morecliq package before enjoying a 50:50 split of the call duration which will be paid from the main account at the Morecliq 3.0 tariff rate.

  • The talk’n’share service should only be billed from the main account only.