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switch to 9mobile from other network. keep you current mobile number.

*more value, excellent quality of service & top notch customer service.


 how to switch

visit any of our experience centres with the requirements to get on board.

  • switching to 9mobile is quick & easy.

  • enjoy fantastic call rates to all networks.

  • super-fast & dependable data speed.

  • special roaming offers for international travellers

  • 1 passport photograph & a valid form of I.D e.g. Nigerian national identity card, passport or driver’s license.

  • fill out a port-in request form.

  • text “PORT” to 3232.

  • you will receive a text acknowledging your port-in request & another text saying that your port-in request is successful.

  • collect a new 9mobile SIM (your number will remain the same) & insert it into your phone.

  • switching to 9mobile is absolutely free.

  • the port-in takes less than 20 minutes, you can keep using your phone while you wait for the switch to go through.

  • the port-in timeline is a maximum of 48 hours.

  • once you have switched, the time frame before you can port out to another network is 45 days.

  • all unused airtime on your prepaid line from your previous network will expire once you are successfully ported. it cannot be carried over to the 9mobile network.

  • call charges, plans & value added service offered by 9mobile may differ from what was offered by your previous network.

Join millions of Nigerians on the 9mobile network

choose plans that best suits your lifestyle.

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