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Corporate Social Responsibility

our approach to corporate & social responsibility (CSR) is to use our expertise, technology, and partnerships to create positive impact.

Our CSR Initiatives

We have several CSR initiatives which we have done over the years.

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  • Merit Awards Scheme
  • 9TEPP
  • Fight Malaria Initiative
  • M-Health Initiative
  • Adopt-A-School
  • Career Counseling Initiative
  • International Standards
  • Combating HIV/AIDS
  • Teacher Training Programme
  • Ebola Containment/awareness Initiative
  • Eco SIM Cards
  • CSR Reports
Accessing the site

Since inception of this scheme in 2009, over 1200 undergraduate students of electrical electronics engineering, computer science and business management have been awarded with these prestigious scholarships instituted by Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited (now trading as 9mobile)

it is also worthy to note that criteria for selection for this award include academic excellence and indigenous relationship to the location of each of the recipient tertiary institutions. by providing an educational fund to Nigerian students from all social classes, we have given them freedom from financial concerns enabling them to focus fully on their studies and ultimately contribute to the growth of the Nigerian economy.

Last year, we awarded the best performing students in 12 selected institutions, based on their 200 and 300 level results, the sum of NGN200,000 each. these students had the highest CGPA from electrical engineering, computer science and management. We also extended the scope of beneficiaries to include physically challenged scholars.

This is an ongoing initiative.


Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited previously trading as Etisalat Nigeria now trading as 9mobile (“9mobile”) is no longer associated or affiliated with the Etisalat brand in any way whatsoever.Accordingly, all references in the archived 9mobile reports (the “9mobile Reports”) to the Etisalat brand, are purely historical. Furthermore, any such depiction or reference to the Etisalat brand in the 9mobile Reports in no way implies a continuing affiliation between 9mobile and the Etisalat name or brand. All references in the 9mobile Reports to the Etisalat name or brand is not reflective or indicative of the current legal and corporate status of 9mobile